The Nest Newsletter, February 8, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Date/Time Event
2/11/17 Saturday, 6 p.m. San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade
2/21/17 Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m. School Site Council meets
2/16/17 Thursday, 6-8p.m PTA Executive Committee meets
2/24/17 Friday, 1:45pm Black History Month Assembly
2/27-3/3 Monday-Friday Parent-Teacher Conference Week-EARLY DISMISSAL 1:40 p.m.
2/28/17 Tuesday, 6 p.m. Parent Workshop: Online Learning Supports
3/2/17 Thursday, 6-7:30 General PTA meets
3/3/17 Friday Free Dress Day
3/21/17 Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m. School Site Council meets
4/15/17 Saturday Spring Fling at the Verdi Club

Welcome to Black History Month! After a successful set of CNY celebrations we’re going to spend the month of February learning about the contributions of our Black citizenry - many of which have been hidden over time. We started the week announcing our African-American Read In and Ten Day Read-a-Thon in which students were encouraged to read books by Black authors or featuring black characters and history. Students will be able to turn their book logs in on the 17th to win a ticket to a Stanford basketball game on Feb. 25th. You are welcome to hear what our students have learned at the assembly on the 24th. Let’s all work together to bust stereotypes (you know which ones I mean) and celebrate African-Americans as scholars. Let me know how you’d like to participate, -D

Be a leader in the Parent-Teacher Association!  It’s time to nominate officers for next year’s PTA.  The nominating committee members are Lauri Mashoian (lkopra at yahoo dot com), Rita Hao (ritahao at gmail dot com) and Sara Foster (sarafoster at me dot com).  There are lots of open positions.  If you’re interested in supporting our school through a PTA leadership role, or want more information, please contact a member of the nominating committee.

Science Update!  During the 2016-17 school  year, the PTA paid for a science consultant to come into the 2nd and 3rd grade GE and MI classrooms so they can get the most out of the district-supplied Foss science kits. In a recent meeting with participating teachers, teachers reported that this program is not only helping kids in science, but they are becoming more confident in other areas also! The PTA has budgeted to expand this program to all grades over the coming years.  Thanks to Tessa Lee and Jane Jao for spearheading this effort to strengthen our science instruction.

Chinese New Year Parade-- On Saturday, February 11th, a group of Starr King students will be marching in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade!  50 of our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th  grade students will perform the dragon dance, drumming, and watersleeve dance.  Come see San Francisco’s biggest CNY event and cheer on our students! If you want to meet up with other Starr King parents to watch, meet up outside 177 Post Street, between Grant and Kearney (Montgomery BART/Muni stop).  Parade starts at 5:15pm, but get there early to make sure you have a spot!

School Site Council meeting on February 21st -- At its February meeting, the School Site Council will begin the process of reviewing the preliminary 2017-18 budget our site receives from the district and developing spending priorities for next year.  Meetings are open to the entire Starr King community.

Parent Workshop - The English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) will host a parent workshop on online learning support programs in the library on Tuesday, February 28, at 6 p.m.  Principal Martin will summarize all of the available online supports for Starr King students, including iChineseReader for Chinese, TenMarks for Math, and other online resources.  This event is open to everyone and will discuss resources that can be used by all Starr King students, not just English learners.

Spring Fling is coming!  We need volunteers!  Spring Fling is an amazing party and live and silent auction.  This year it will be at the Verdi Club (same venue as last year) on April 15.  Here are some ways you can help out -- just contact Grace Kao (gracekao33 at gmail dot com) to sign up:

If you want to help but on your own time:

Auction Items  - if you are connected to someone who can donate items for our auction, let us know!  E.g. cargo bike, special tour of Pixar/Disneyland/etc.

Raffle Lead  - If you are super organized and down with data entry,  we need someone to help track raffle tix sold per class.  Class who sells most tickets gets a free pizza making party.

If you want to volunteer the day of event (4/15):

Backroom - If you love data entry and finding out first who are the auction winners, let us know!

Live Auction - We have an auctioneer!  We just need a couple of volunteers to help us run the super exciting live auction.

Set up - If you like setting up parties, we would love some extra hands.

Clean up - If you have 30-45min to spare after the party, we would love some extra hands after the party too..

Newsletter compiled by Christine Van Aken -- please send announcements to cbvanaken at gmail dot com.