The Nest, February 22, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Date/Time Event
2/24/17 Black History Month Assembly - see below for times
2/25/17 Saturday, 12-3pm Family Literacy Day at Potrero Rec & Park
2/27-3/3 Monday-Friday Parent-Teacher Conference Week-EARLY DISMISSAL 1:40 p.m.
2/28/17 Tuesday, 6 p.m. ELAC/Parent Workshop: Online Learning Supports
3/2/17 Thursday, 6-7:30 General PTA meets
3/3/17 Friday Free Dress Day
3/6-8 Mon.-Wed Fifth Grade Field Trip to Point Bonita
3/11/17 Saturday Potrero Terrace Mural Installation
3/21/17 Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m. School Site Council meets
3/25 Saturday 12:30-3:30 p.m. YMCA Family Literacy Day in the Park
3/27 - 3/31 Spring Break
4/15/17 Saturday Spring Fling at the Verdi Club

Starr King Parent Survey - Families!  We need your help!  Did you know that Starr King’s district scorecard depends on getting parent/guardian responses to a survey about the school’s climate? Help out by taking the survey here:  Take the survey once for each child you have enrolled at Starr King!

Starr King continues to celebrate Black History Month!  In order to accommodate all families (and possibly rain) we will have two assemblies. K-2 will meet in auditorium at 9:30am, 3-5 will meet at 1:30pm.  Both assemblies are on 2/24. Come celebrate the many contributions of African American civic, academic, and cultural leaders in American life.

Parent-Teacher Conference Week is coming!  Early dismissal!  Remember that school is dismissed at 1:40 the week of February 27 - March 3 for parent-teacher conferences.  Look for information from your child’s teacher about how to sign up for a conference.  Rising Starrs After School Program will provide extended hours (1:40-6pm).

Parent Workshop - The English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) will host a parent workshop on online learning support programs in the library on Tuesday, February 28, at 6 p.m.  Principal Martin will summarize all of the available online supports for Starr King students, including iChineseReader for Chinese and TenMarks for Math.  We also need to review the ELAC budget for the 2017-2018 school year.This event is open to everyone and will discuss resources that can be used by all Starr King students, not just English learners.

Bridge Cup - Mandarin Immersion students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Bridge Cup Chinese poetry recital contest.  In addition, students in all strands can participate in the Bridge Cup painting and drawing contest.  More information and registration available here:

Social-emotional learning -- a message from Seneca!  This week Starr King teachers started teaching students social emotional skills using the Toolbox curriculum.  The first skill was the “Breathing Tool”.  Here is how the tool works:

Take a slow, deep breath.  With one hand on your stomach and the other hand over your heart, breathe in slowly through your nose, and focus on the air coming into your lungs.  With the in-breath, count slowly 1…2…3… Notice how your stomach expands like a balloon.  Then let out the breath through your mouth, counting 1…2…3… Do this three times.

At home you can ask your child to teach you how to use the Breathing Tool.  Ask them to explain the tag line “I calm myself and check-in” along with the hand gesture that goes with the tool.  For the breathing tool, you touch thumbs and index fingers together in front of you as if holding a tape measure; slowly pull hands apart while taking a breath.  On exhale, bring hands slowly back together.   You can practice with them so that it becomes a part of their regular practice.  Use it during transition times to help thing run more smoothly, and during times of conflict or frustration to help everyone calm down before resolving the issue.

Spring Fling is coming!  We need volunteers!  Spring Fling is an amazing party and live and silent auction.  This year it will be at the Verdi Club (same venue as last year) on April 15.  Here are some ways you can help out -- just contact Grace Kao (gracekao33 at gmail dot com) to sign up:

If you want to help but on your own time:

Auction Items  - if you are connected to someone who can donate items for our auction, let us know!  E.g. cargo bike, special tour of Pixar/Disneyland/etc.

Raffle Lead  - If you are super organized and down with data entry,  we need someone to help track raffle tix sold per class.  Class who sells most tickets gets a free pizza making party.

If you want to volunteer the day of event (4/15):

Backroom - If you love data entry and finding out first who are the auction winners, let us know!

Live Auction - We have an auctioneer!  We just need a couple of volunteers to help us run the super exciting live auction.

Set up - If you like setting up parties, we would love some extra hands.

Clean up - If you have 30-45min to spare after the party, we would love some extra hands after the party too..

Newsletter compiled by Christine Van Aken -- please send announcements to cbvanaken at gmail dot com.