The Nest, March 22nd, 2017

Mark Your Calendars

Date/Time Event
3/24/17 Friday (Extra) FREE DRESS DAY!!!
3/24/17 Friday, 2 p.m. Holi Celebration CANCELLED Rainy day, new date TBD
3/27 - 3/31/17 Spring Break - No school!
4/6/17 Thursday PTA general meeting -- Visioning Meeting
4/7/17 Friday Free Dress Day
4/15/17 Saturday Spring Fling at the Verdi Club
4/19/17 Wednesday, 5:30-7p.m. STEAM Night with the After-School Program -- all are welcome
5/6/17 Saturday, 10am–Noon SAVE THE DATE — Kinder Welcome + SK/Stanford Alumni Greening Collaboration + Clean Schoolyard Trash Pick Up

Starr King Parent Survey - Families!  We need your help!  Did you know that Starr King’s district scorecard depends on getting parent/guardian responses to a survey about the school’s climate?  Help out by taking the survey here:  Take the survey once for each child you have enrolled at Starr King!

Vote for Starr King to win $10,000 for new computers!  Vote every day!  The ScholarShare program is giving away $10,000 technology grants.  Vote for Starr King each and every day from as many email addresses as you have at this link:  Starr King is currently in FIRST place and eligible for a grant, so keep voting!!!

PTA and Site Budget Update - As past newsletters reported, SFUSD proposed some big cuts to Starr King’s non-teaching staff.  Some of this money was restored (such as funding for our Assistant Principal), but Ms. Martin and the administration asked the PTA to fill in some of the gaps.  We did so at our emergency meeting on March 15.  The PTA voted to fund outdoor education, the SK playworks elementary advisor (Mr. Kenny), the small part of the third MI teacher for 4th/5th grades that the district won't fund, and science instruction.  The PTA is also providing $70,000 in discretionary funds for the site that can be used to fund a short list of specified activities (StageWrite, academic support for students, coaching support for teachers, mental health services, and others spelled out in the spreadsheet).  This discretionary allocation gives Ms. Martin maximum flexibility as she continues to work to restore district funding for our programs and staff.  Thanks to everyone who provided input and came out and voted -- it was a great example of how involved and generous this amazing community is.

Starr King Visioning - PTA General Meeting, Thursday, April 6. Starr King is expressed through all aspects of it’s diversity, and our community is defined by how we meet every challenge and opportunity with passion and action. In every endeavor or emergency, whether we are winning or losing, we are constantly learning about what our kids need and how we can better meet and exceed their needs. Let’s put our collective expertise and fresh perspectives to work—join us for part two of our Starr King visioning, where we’ll explore the challenge of creating one community within a school of  four programmatic strands [pre-K, sped, ge, mi], and embracing the opportunity to be a school that builds and fulfills the potential of every student.

Starr King’s YMCA Summer Camp Registration is Available! Our on-site After School Program, run by the Y, has their summer registrations available (link: ). The Y has fun for everyone, and they plan to continue the “Best Summer Ever” theme this summer with weeks planned to be a “Summer of Discovery”. Summer Camp will be located at Cesar Chavez ES from June 5th to July 21st, with weekly enrollment available. A bus from SK to CC is available. For questions, please email Maybelle (

2016 Fall ASK Campaign “Perks” and Acknowledgement Letters for Tax-Deductible Donations.  Remember the Fall ASK campaign, and how this community ROCKED IT by hitting our goal of $175,000?  Well, it’s time for our kids to get the incentives they earned.  This coming Friday, March 24, there will be an extra FREE DRESS DAY for the kids.  Look for more rewards coming soon.  Also, acknowledgement letters for your tax-deductible donations are coming  this week (either by mail or by email, depending on what information you provided to us).  If you have any questions about the letters, please contact Alisa Shen at  Thanks again to everyone for your generous donations!

Holi Celebration!  RAINED OUT!  The trees and flowers are happy, but our kids aren’t -- another rainstorm is forecast for this Friday, making it hard for our kids to throw colored powder at each other with wild abandon.  So we’re going to reschedule -- the new date is TBD.  Look for information in the next newsletter.

Spring Fling is coming!  Buy your tickets!  Tickets for the Spring Fling - a fabulous annual fundraising gala - are now on sale.  There will be food, drinks, silent and live auction.  Spend time with friends and meet new parents while also supporting the school!  Spring Fling is happening at Verdi Club 2424 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA 94110.  It’s on April 15th, Saturday 6pm-11:00pm.    It's ADULTS ONLY.  So book your sitter early!  You do not want to miss out on the fun.   Please buy tickets here:  Tickets are $65 per person, or $240 for the Bring Your Friends Pack.

If you need a sitter, Urban Sitter is offering a promotion to our school.  UrbanSitter is a website and app that helps parents find and book their community's most trusted babysitters and nannies. Here’s the list of sitters Starr King Elementary parents recommend: Sign up for free and use code VIPOFFER17 for a $50 credit towards your first booking, good until May 31, 2017.

Seneca Social and Emotional Toolbox -  Have you ever heard your kids say “He’s touching my stuff!” or  “Move over!”?  Our fifth Toolbox Skill is the “Personal Space Tool” which addresses the need for clear boundaries.  We want the students to understand:

  • Every person has personal boundaries and a right to space around them.
  • Each person has a cause (impact) and an effect on others.
  • How to honor and respect the personal boundaries of others.
  • How to communicate their needs for physical space boundaries.

At home you can have conversations with your children about Personal Space.  Point out the different Personal Space boundaries when you’re in different settings:  at home, at the grocery store, waiting for the bus, in elevators, etc.  Practice the gesture and tagline together.  Have your child put their hand in front of them, palms facing outward, with the sides of their thumbs touching each other.  They should move their hands away from each other, in a kind of curved motion to signify their Personal Space boundaries.  The tagline is:  “I have a right to my space and so do you”.

If you have any questions about Seneca’s lessons or tools, please feel free to email Laura Lin at

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