Adding the Starr King School Calendar to Your Calendar

The Starr King school calendar is a Google Calendar that can be added to other iCalendar-based systems like Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Outlook. The notes below describe how to add the Starr King school calendar to each of these calendar systems.

Using Google Calendar

The simplest way to add the school calendar to your Google Calendar is to press the "+Google Calendar" button in the calendar view above. Alternatively, you can add the calendar manually with the procedure shown below.

  1. Open Google Calendar:
  2. Under “Other Calendars”, select "Add by URL"
  3. Under "URL" paste the following URL:
  4. Press “Add Calendar”.

Using Yahoo Calendar

  1. Open Yahoo Calendar:
  2. Under “Actions”, select "Subscribe to Other Calendars"
  3. Under "iCal Address" paste the following URL:
  4. Under "Name" type in “Starr King School”.
  5. Press “Add Calendar”.

Using Outlook 2007

  1. Launch Outlook 2007.
  2. Choose "Tools > Account Settings".
  3. Click the “Internet Calendars” tab.
  4. Paste the following URL:
  5. Click Add.
  6. The school calendar is now part of your Outlook Send/Receive group and whenever you press F5, Outlook will synchronize its content with the online Google Calendar.