In-School Enrichment


Starr King enjoys art and music delivered by SFUSD and institutions like the San Francisco Ballet.  In addition to district-funded programs, parent support allows Starr King to provide other in-class enrichments to supporting writing, science, and social-emotional learning.

StageWrite builds literacy as students use dramatic activities, appropriate to their grade level, to become better writers, readers, and communicators.  Education Outside supports science by using Starr King's outdoor classroom to illustrate scientific concepts in a hands-on laboratory.  Healthy Play coaches use a play-based program for schoolyard activity and safety, using recess and outdoor time to teach conflict resolution and communication skills.  SF Math Circles runs a math enrichment course open to all students after school.  And the PTA supports a Science Specialist who assists teachers and students in following the new hands-on NGSS science standards.  

In addition to the enrichments offered at our after-school programs, students participate in parent volunteer-supported sports programs, including soccer, basketball, and baseball.