We have kicked off one of two of the major fundraisers for the school (the other is our Spring Fling event)! During this time, we ask the Starr King community to please give direct contributions to the PTA to fund support for our faculty and amazing programs for all our kids, including Education Outside and the StageWrite drama program.

Donations to the Starr King PTA are fully tax deductible (Starr King PTA's Federal Tax EIN # is 13-4317993).

We strive for 100% participation and no donation is too small (or too big!).

Thank you for giving to Starr King!

Questions? Please email 2017 Fund Co-Chairs, Alisa Shen or Jackie Chou Lem at fundraising@starrkingschool.org



  • Using PayPal to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation: 

Recurring Donation

How many months would you like this to recur? (including this month)
Monthly Donation Amount:

One-Time Donation

Starr King PTA PayPal Page

Please include the name of your child, their classroom number and/or teacher in the memo/comments field (to allow us to more easily track the donation and ensure we get you a receipt for tax purposes).

  • Write a check to Starr King PTA and return it and your donation form
    • To your child’s teacher or Ms. Carmen or Ms. Christina in the school office
    • Or by mail to: ASK Campaign/Starr King Elementary School, 1215 Carolina St, San Francisco, CA 94107
    • Please include the name of your child, their classroom number and/or teacher in the notes field of your check (to allow us to more easily track the donation and ensure we get you a receipt for tax purposes).
  • Online Bill Payment

    • Most banks and credit unions have online bill payment services. With one of these, you can manually add Starr King PTA as a payee (with the address listed above, but without an account number) and the bank will then mail a physical check.

  • Donate Stocks to Starr King
  • You can donate stocks to Starr King through StockDonator.com (with no fees to you) and deduct the full value of the stocks off of your taxes, as well as not have to pay any capital gains tax on any appreciation of the donated stock.  Starr King will receive the proceeds of the sale/liquidation of the stock minus a low transaction/brokerage fee.*
  • You can click on the "Donate Stock to Starr King PTA" button above to go through steps on Stock Donator's website to transfer the stock OR complete this form and email/fax it to StockDonator (for folks who prefer not to provide their brokerage account # online).
There are per transaction charges of 1.9% of the total donation value in addition to the brokerage fees for liquidating a stock (the sale of a stock).  The brokerage fees typically range from $10 – $15 per transaction.  For example, a donation with a value of $1,000 and a $10 liquidation fee would yield net proceeds of $971 ($1,000 – $19 – $10).
  • Corporate Matching Programs – BOOST YOUR DONATION!
    • Many employers have programs through which they match charitable gifts made by their employees. Through corporate matching, your employer can multiply your gift and make it go further. Check with your employer's Benefits Department to see if they offer gift matching.

    • In general, matching gift programs require proof of payment to the charity receiving the gift. If your employer offers this program, your Benefits Department should be able to provide you with a matching gift form that you can send to the Starr King PTA fundraising team. Some employers use Web-based services to automate this procedure. The important thing to remember is that you need to get the paperwork to the PTA fundraising team so they can file it with your employer.

    • Some donors (like a few employee match programs) don't allow donations to PTAs. In that case you may want to donate directly to Starr King Elementary School. Please send a check to: Starr King Elementary School, 1215 Carolina St. San Francisco, CA 94107. In this case, for tax purposes, Starr King Elementary School uses the SFUSD umbrella EIN: 94-6000416.

    • NOTE: There are two deadlines to consider for matching gifts: the IRS deadline for charitable contributions of December 31 and the matching gift deadline of your employer, which may be based on its fiscal year.