Greening at Starr King


Interested in making the campus beautiful, and maybe getting your hands a little dirty? Join the Greening Team on the first Sundays of the month!

General Greening Information

Starr King is a model green school site.

Our facilities committees in the past have worked diligently to add many green school site infrastructure improvements to SKES with SFUSD and make it the beautiful space you see today! We have: rain water basins,  rain water tank w/PUC, reduced asphalt and green natural play areas, and we partner with our Education Outside program to keep our gardens and grounds lush.

We want to go solar next! Let us know if you’d like to help us write a grant to make this happen.

Recent work:

  • Planting all edges the Starr King Elementary site with appropriate plants and pollinator habit.  

  • Adding wood rounds and log benches to the yard and entry way.

  • Adding privacy screens to create smaller gathering and shadier play areas for the students.

  • Adding and maintaining  trough planters in the yard. 

  • Enlarging tree basins with the help of Friends of the Urban Forest,

  • Planting the Starr King Open Space edge with plants provided by Starr King Open Space.

  • Maintaining the lost and found in the auditorium. 

  • Education Outside area/ garden classroom improvements; staining benches, building wood planters, adding irrigation, and growing vegetables.

Future work: 

  • Advocating for and supporting the site with asphalt replacement of the school yard. 

  • Painting the school yard with appropriate long wearing surface paint.

  • Adding wood rounds and chips to the yard.

  • Collaborate with Ed Outside and the Stanford Alumni Volunteers to improve the Southern Courtyard with a peace path, seating, shade structure and adding planted troughs. 

  • Collaborate with the arts committee to install a mural.

  • Adding a shade structure to the pre-school yard. 

  • Larger calendar for the office entry area.

  • Free book library storage structure. 

  • Explore reducing asphalt in the benches area under the shade sail .

  • Explore alternative materials to asphalt???