Sep 14, 2017 SK PTA General Meeting Minutes

Excom attendance: Tessa Lee, Christine Van Aken, Rita Hao, Pennan Barry, Grace Kao, Lauri Mashoian, Alisa Shen, Jennifer Serwer, Precious Thomas, Suzy Chen-Harding, Sandy Wan, Darlene Martin, Lin Ong

6:00 Meeting opened by Tessa

  • first time attendees standup
  • ASP announcements: Sol
    • Bulletin board being updated with enrichments and enrollment; also posted online
    • Openings available in K and 1st
    • New enrichments coming
    • Thanks for donations


  • excom members introduction
  • SKPTA overview: volunteers have made it happen; we’re very lucky
    • Promises: make room for everyone; work hard for students, teachers, and school; be accountable and responsible for each other
    • Asks: engage with PTA, appreciate those around you, expect the best of everyone

6:20 Christine: budget and program plan

  • program plan previously made available to membership online:
  • program plan presentation: history of program plan and budget: growth over last 10 years, goal to avoid special emergency appeals
  • Buckets
    • Academic support 27% (e.g., sex ed; science consultant)
    • Enrichments 20% (e.g., stage write, education outside, world culture events)
    • Teacher and staff support 14% (e.g., teacher supplies allowance, summer stipend)
    • Social emotional support 25% (e.g., hawkeye store, elementary advisor [Mr. Kenny])
    • Community Events 5% (e.g., community initiated fund, community events)
    • School Environment 5% (e.g., greening..)
    • PTA operations 3% (e.g., meeting food and childcare, membership dues, website)
  • Discussion (led by Tessa):
    • Program plan can change during the year with future discussion/votes
    • Which items need additional approval
    • Science teacher discussion
    • K-2 Chinatown field trip lunches proposal by Sandy Wan
      • MOTION: Lauri: add line item to pay for K-2 chinatown field trip; second: Laurie Shulock
      • Discussion: covers all kids, year after year expense
      • VOTE: passed by voice vote; none opposed
    • Approve program plan
      • MOTION: Jennifer: Approve program plan as amended, second: Christine
      • Discussion:
        • Dumpling party for second grade: already funded by PTA
        • Keep a list of grade level events to consider for PTA funding: Lin to put it together
        • VOTE: passed by voice vote; none opposed

7:15 Rita Hao: treasurer report

  • passed out in hard copy form and made available to parent community online
  • MOTION: approve already made expenses; motion made and seconded
  • passed by voice vote; none opposed
  • MOTION: upgrade bank account to business advantage account; seconded (Grace)
  • passed by voice vote; none opposed

7:20 volunteer recruitment
Introductions for PTA leaders who need volunteers

7:30 adjourn