African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)

Due to our country's legacy of segregation and oppression African American children often lag behind their counterparts in the school setting. This committee aims to hear from African-American parents on engaging and supporting their children and will provide support to parents in partnering with Starr King to ensure their students receive a quality education. All are invited.

Note from the AAPAC Chair

I, Monica Jones, am a parent of a GE first grader. As an African American parent I understand how our presence is needed in our children’s daily educational institutions.  I am currently on the PTA Executive Committee as the Events Coordinator and room parent for Ms. Erickson's class. An African American Parent Committee is needed at Starr King. It would be an informal group of parents interested in the education of African American children at the school.

Please contact me through e-mail, monicajones225 at yahoo.  I am looking forward to working and getting to know you all. It takes a village.