Attendance Policy

School attendance is required by law. More importantly, it is important to your child’s academic growth and social-emotional development. Every day that your child misses school, he or she is missing important interaction with teachers and peers that cannot be duplicated with a worksheet at home!  Also, the school district loses money for every day a student has an unexcused absence and that hurts all of our children.

We love going to school!

We love going to school!

A complete list of excused absences is on p. 34 of the SFUSD Student and Family Handbook. Excused absences include illness and family emergencies. Students whose excused absences are more than 10% of school time may be considered truant.

An unexcused absence is when the student is more than 30 minutes late, or when the guardian has not provided an approved excuse. After three unexcused absences, a student is considered truant. Letters informing parents of truancy are automatically generated by the school district


If your child will be missing a day of school, please call the school office at 415-695-5797.  

OR,  send a signed guardian’s note explaining your child’s absence when your child returns to school. Your child should give the note to their homeroom teacher.  

NOTE: Students who must miss school due to an extended illness or family emergency may receive make-up work. Parents will be asked to sign an Independent Study Contract. Family vacations are not considered excused absences and we may not be able to provide work to keep your student on par with classmates.  Please limit family vacations to fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.