School Safety Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Card

All students are required to have a current emergency card on file in our school office. New cards are distributed to students and must be completed each year. Any time you change your phone number or address we ask that you inform us of the change. We must be able to reach you in case of student illness or injury or school emergency.

Please be aware that anyone picking up a child from school must be listed on the child’s emergency card. In the event of serious emergency, your regular contacts may not be able to come. When unlisted friends or family arrive and we are unable to release your child this causes frustration and anger. Please list as many people as you can so that we are able to release your child. This list is not for regular communication and will only be used in a serious emergency.

Emergency Notification

In the event of a school facilities problem or local emergency, the school district employs an automatic dialing system to notify you of the problem and whether or not you need to pick up your child from school. Our school office will also try to notify you, but lines may be busy during a serious event.

Building Evacuation and Family Reunification

In the event that we must evacuate the building, our sister school site is Daniel Webster Elementary School at 465 Missouri Street. Parents will be instructed by phone, text, or email to pick up their students as soon as possible from this location.

Earthquake and Fire Drill Procedures
Site Crisis Response Materials