Sign up for your grade’s volunteer time slot! Signup sheet is here.


Key points:

  1. Please drop off your child(ren) on the NE corner of Wisconsin St (cross-street is Coral Rd).

  2. Follow the direction of parent valets.

  3. Watch out for pedestrians on crosswalk as you exit school valet zone.



Stop… Drop… and GO!

Help Starr King students arrive at school safe and on time.

On behalf of Starr King’s Traffic Safety Committee, welcome to the new school year!

We remind returning parents and welcome new families to Starr King’s school valet initiative. Starr King’s campus is a hubbub of activities in the morning. On any given school day, there are several school buses, a MUNI bus stop, food pantry pickups, a public health center, pedestrians, and neighborhood commuters all competing for very limited space on the Wisconsin Street side of campus. It is virtually impossible for commuting parents to park, walk their child on campus, and leave their cars without disrupting the flow of traffic.

To alleviate morning traffic conditions, we encourage parents to carpool, use the school bus (with stops in SOMA, Mission, Bernal and Bayview), use MUNI (the 10, 19, or 48), use the walking school bus, or walk if you live close by.  Info on these options is here.

If you do need to drive your kids to school, we encourage you to use the school valet. This is a volunteer parent initiative that only works if we all do our part. So please sign up to volunteer as a valet, and remember to follow these guidelines:

  • Between 8:15 and 8:40 am, drop your kids off at the designated drop-off area (marked by orange traffic cones located on the corner of Wisconsin and Coral);

  • Have your kids be ready to exit the car, with backpacks and other materials ready to unload;

  • Follow the hand signals of volunteer parents (pull forward, stop, etc.);

  • The parent valet will open the car door, help your child exit the vehicle, and close the door;

  • Watch out for pedestrians when you exit the valet area (unfortunately, a crosswalk is directly ahead of you as you exit the valet area).

If you choose not to use the school valet, please do NOT block Coral Road or the Wisconsin St driveway. Coral Road is a very narrow two-way street, and the Wisconsin St driveway will be full of children waiting for the school bus or entering the campus. You will need to find parking, or drop your children off on Carolina St and have them walk up the block to Coral. There is an older designated drop off area on Carolina but open entrances to the Starr King campus are on the Coral Rd and Wisconsin St side only.

Very crude map of Starr King campus and Campus Valet location