INformation for starr king teachers

Hello, Starr King Teachers! Please find information here about how to best make use of your PTA funds.

4th Grade teacher Ms. Baker giving a fist bump to SFUSD Superintendent VIncent Matthews

4th Grade teacher Ms. Baker giving a fist bump to SFUSD Superintendent VIncent Matthews

Teacher Supplies Reimbursement

PTA will reimburse up to a maximum of $500 for classroom supplies. Submit electronic copies of your receipts and a reimbursement request to skpta.treasurer at gmail, or leave hard copies in the PTA mailbox. Reimbursement forms are here: [Google Sheet] [.pdf]

A few notes:

  • Before asking PTA for reimbursement, first check if the site can cover your requested expenses.

  • Please speak with your room parent or the PTA Parent/Teacher Liaison if you have gone over $500 in expenses; your class may be willing to individually fund the difference.

  • PTA can also post a link to your crowdsourced wish list (Amazon, GoFundMe, DonorsChoose) for other items you might like to request for your classroom.

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for checks to be paid (4-6 weeks if requesting reimbursement over the summer). Due to PTA financial procedures, it can take a few weeks for the checks to be signed.

gradewide project reimbursements

PTA will also fund up to $500 for gradewide projects. Gradewide projects are any project where all three (or four!) of the classes in a grade will share or work together. Projects we have funded previously include the kindergarten Thanksgiving party, the 1st grade hermit crabs, and classroom mooncakes.

If your grade has a gradewide project in mind, please let the Room Parent Liaison know. The Room Parent can then purchase the necessary supplies and handle the reimbursement process directly. Alternately, teachers who incur expenses can submit reimbursement requests directly to the treasurer. Forms are here: [Google Sheet] [.pdf]

Again, please allow 2-3 weeks for checks to arrive (4-6 weeks over the summer).

summer stipends

Finally, PTA funds up to $1000 for your time spent preparing for school over the summer. These payments are made through the district and comply with all union requirements. The principal’s office will process those requests, so please direct all questions to them. The reimbursement form for summer stipends is here. [.pdf]