Uniform Policy

Starr King students wear uniforms to emphasize that all our students are members of one community. Uniforms minimize economic differences between students, and, on a practical level, make getting ready for school that much easier for busy families.


The uniform is:

Blue or white polo shirt, or Starr King logo shirt.
Blue pants or shorts.
Blue jumper, dress, or skirt.

Undershirts may be of any color, as long as there is a uniform top over it.  
Leggings may be of any color, as long as there is a uniform bottom over them.
Any color cardigan, jacket, or shoes (closed-toe) is OK

Not OK:  any other color shirt or dress, non-blue pants, khakis, or jeans.


Teachers will ask children who are not in uniform to go to the office and put on a uniform.  The school may also contact you if your student is repeatedly out of uniform.

Some places to find uniform clothes are Target, Old Navy, Children’s Place, French Toast, and Lands End.  The PTA also sells Starr King logo t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies! 

The office maintains a stock of donated uniforms for children who need a change of clothes during the day and upon family request.  Please consider donating your outgrown uniforms to the school at the end of the year!

The first Friday of every month is a “free dress” day when students do not have to wear their uniform. The school may sponsor additional free dress days during the year, so keep an eye out for those announcements in the school newsletters!